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We offer three levels to the Kambo Healing Me training. However, the medicines will continue teaching you for a lifetime.

Courses must be taken consecutively, with a suggested minimum of three months  between the first and second course, then six months between the second and third  course. Our intention is to allow you to embody and integrate the wisdom of Kambo,  while building a deep, lasting relationship with this medicine. We will grow in our  relationship with practitioners interested in progressing each level. We understand that  there are no timeframes on when someone is ready, so deciding when to proceed will  be a case-by-case basis. We are very protective of who we take to the jungle with us. It  is a very intimate and intense journey, and our relationships with the tribes are very  important.


Kambo Training

Kambo Training Course 1: Actualization


This course is designed for those who wish to learn the first step in becoming an advanced or master Kambo practitioner.  During this course, you will be introduced to Kambo firsthand and build a personal relationship with the medicine. We have found it easier to learn about Kambo without the harsh jungle environment, so this course will not be done in the jungle. Course  components include practical safety guidelines, energetic clearing of self and space,  guidelines for self-administration and serving others. After the completion of the course.  This course provides the opportunity to cultivate a strong foundation with Kambo and  we suggest that you primarily serve yourself for several months, so that you can fully  embody the energy once you begin to serve others.


Self-Administration and serving others

The main goal of Course is to build a safe relationship with Kambo. You will learn to self-administer and to serve others. We believe it is not necessary to go through a gauntlet of medicine like other courses do. The reality is that many other programs have had people go to the hospital during their programs when requiring someone to do Kambo 10+ times in a short period of time. That being said, during our program, you will serve yourself Kambo and others 4 times in very specific ways. This will teach you to trust the medicine and understand it better. The intention is not to see how much Kambo you can take like a boot-camp style program, but more to give you the tools to continue with confidence on your own. You will have The confidence  to serve it to yourself alone, so you can build a deeper relationship over time with a very engaged and ongoing support group.  You will be taught various contraindications, as well as how to navigate supposed contradictions you may find on the internet. We will be fusing western safety protocols with a traditional foundation.



This is truly the adventure of a lifetime for the right explorer. This trip is not for the faint of heart. We will not be going to any 5 star hotels, but instead traveling deep into the depths of the Amazon jungle with limited supplies. You will get dirty and rained on. All safety precautions will made, however, there is a chance you might get sick and bit by mosquitoes, which will lead to opportunities to try indigenous medicines to heal and gain experience with. You will firsthand meet people of the Matses tribe, most of whom only speak Matses and no other language. This will undoubtedly be an adventure of a lifetime for 16 lucky individuals.


We have a special certificate from the chief of all the Matses tribe as well as from various chiefs of individual villages within. We will fly from Iquitos, Peru by either military plane that holds a maximum of 18 individuals with limited baggage, however if it rains, the dirt runway in Angamos on the frontier of Brazil and Peru will be inaccessible, requiring us to fly by sea plane with a maximum capacity of 16 people.


After landing in Angamos, we will travel by river 4 hours in a flat bottomed boat. Possibly, we will have to clear fallen trees from previous storms that block our path, hopefully in good weather, but the depths of the amazon might decide otherwise.


Our first destination will be the small village of Jorge Chavez. We will stay a couple nights with the few families that live there. On the third day, we will travel deeper into the amazon 1-2 hours to another village named San Mateo. We will stay two nights there, before traveling deeper to a third Matses village called San Juan. After two nights, we will travel back to Jorge Chavez and stay for one night, then return the following morning to Angamos, then Iquitos.


This is not a training, and you will not be required to do any sort of gauntlet of medicines. This is a full immersion and opportunity to explore another world and culture, learn of ancient medicines and ways of life, eat with an indigenous culture that was first contacted in 1969, and grow exponentially as a person. Although this is an incredible opportunity for for our cultures to learn from each other, know that we are going to their home and be doing the majority of the learning. Make sure to leave your ego at home.


We will have the opportunity to learn, gather, and use native medicines, go hunting with them for food, Catch the Kambo frog (Akaté, as the Matses say), receive Kambo from Matses Medicine women and men, extract medicine from the Kambo frog, hike through primal jungle and swamps, go canoeing and fishing, climb trees, do face painting, learn ancient songs and icaros, get to know their families and children, make clay pots with the older women, purchase handicrafts that are custom made for you specifically, and live in nearly untouched jungle.


Because of the magnitude of this epic adventure, it is important we only bring select individuals. The small group will be hand selected of adventurers who have worked with our team before, undergone different trainings, ceremonies, or friends. There is a slight possibility we will take newcomers that have undergone various interviews, background checks, zoom conversations, and ideally met in person. We only want good candidates and team players. You will sleep at times in difficult conditions and we only want people with a team mentality and high spirits.


We have taken 4 groups to the Matses territory before, that was a much more accessible village. 3 of the groups were amazing, however, In one of our the trips, we brought a few bad apples, who created a mass amount of problems and are actually banned from the Matses tribe for life. Because of this special invitation from the tribe, it is important that only respectful individuals come on this journey. We love the Matses tribe and their beautiful wisdom and ancient traditions. It is a world we can truly learn from. We value our precious and rare relationship with them and want to continue this connection, so that others may go in the future.


Duration: 2-3 weeks in the Amazon 

During this course, you will be fully immersed in the Amazon. We will go to either the  Matsés or Shapibo tribes in Peru, or one of the many tribes that we work with in Brazil:  Katukina, Kuntanawa, Puyunawa, Huni Kuin, Yawanawa, Shenanawa, or others. This  trip will be about two weeks in Peru or three weeks in Brazil, because of the difficulty  accessing the remote villages. 

 This program is expected to launch Mid-late 2023. It will take place slightly after  Course 2 completion. There will be some participants allowed to attend both  courses back-to-back.

Will be available soon, Please contact us for more information, including dates and specific locations

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