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This Hapé bundle consists of our three strongest hapé for the mind, body and soul. 

The Mind Hapé is the Ayahausca Hapé and comes from Iquiotos Peru. I sat with the Bora Bora Tribe of the upper amazon while this was being made. It is a strong Hapé that is meant for period of long meditation, introspective thought, and mind transformation.


The Body Hapé is the Mambé Hapé. This Hape comes from the tribes of Columbia. This particular Hapé is meant for healing of aliments, soreness and to revitalize and rejuvinate the body. You can also turn this Hapé into a paste and use it on your body for cuts, and other body issues. It is one of our rarest Hapé


The Soul Hapé is the Nukini Jaguar Hapé which I brought back from Brazil. It was made by me in early June on my latest trip. I was on the upper amazon basin with the tribes. This Hape is meant to revitalive your soul and inner selft. It will help realign your shakras and is good for your mental well being. 


Ingredients: Moi, Grounded Leaves, Flowers, Yopo, Murici, Bark, Crushed Leaves

Mind, Body and Soul Hapé bundle

  • Shipping policy

    Shipping is $5.00. We ship Mon, Wed and Friday. We do not ship weekends unless expedited shipping is requested. 

  • Refund Policy

    Due to the Nature of these produts, there are no refunds given. 
    The only exception for refunds, is if the product is damaged in transit. 

    Please email or call with damaged product proof.

  • Strength

    All 3 are strong Hapé.



By purchasing from us, your money helps support our mission as well as the tribes

and the work we do with them and the Amazon jungle.

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