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This sacred plant medicine medicinal journey can assist us in unlocking our true potential and help us release blockages which may be holding us back in life. These plants have a unique ability to assist us in healing the body and mind and bring us into alignment. When we are struck in repeated patterns or Unable to let go of the past or to forgive the plants guide us back to our passion and purpose in life. These plans have the ability to remove blockages And the root of the cause which create diseases in our bodies. They re-balance or central nervous system allowing our bodies to restore themselves to their natural state of health. If you think of our bodies/souls as a magnet, then we are constantly picking up negative energy throughout our daily lives. Ayahuasca is one of the ultimate medicines to help clear this energy as I can give my own personal testimonial to that.


Ayahuasca activates the amygdala and, rebooting old memories and bringing them to the surface. You see the full story of what happened in your life and helps bring a new relationship to them. It then suppresses the frontal lobe of the brain where all your patterns and habits are. It literally rewires the thought processes that are cemented into the brain creating a new way of thinking, new way of looking at life and a new perspective.

Unfortunately the majority of ayahuasca ceremonies done are really only medicine concerts, people playing guitars and nice music, yet they aren’t true shamans who know real Icaros. The medicine concerts may provide a container for the medicine to heal you, but you are left with a lot of energy stuck to you from other people in the ceremony as well as spiritual doors being left open. People going to these “ceremonies” seem to be healing, healing, healing, but never thriving. A real shaman can take you to the next level.



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