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At-Home Kambo Training

This training is designed for those who wish to take the first step to become a master Kambo practitioner.


Over the course of this training, you will be introduced to Kambo first hand and build a personal relationship with the medicine. You will learn about practical safety guidelines, energetic clearing of self and space, traditional use in the jungle, guidelines for self-administration and serving others. Participants will serve themselves a total of four times, in different ways, meanwhile cover all aspects of training through a free format dialog.

After completion of the training, you will have access to the support of our growing and thriving online community of healers and practitioners. This will be a great place to share and learn as you deepen your relationship with the medicine – on your own and within your community.

This course provides the opportunity to cultivate a strong foundation with Kambo and we suggest that you primarily serve yourself Kambo regularly for several months, so that you can fully embody the energy of the medicine before you begin to serve others.

You will learn about using Rapé, Sananga eyedrops, Agua Florida, Camalonga, and chakapa and how to use them within your Kambo ceremony.

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