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Small Group/Individual Bufo Ceremony/Trainings 


This bufo training is a total of 3 days long. Total 4 to 8 hrs per day. They are max 4 people and are very interactive. We do NOT focus on ceremony, pageantry, dance or showboating. These trainings are designed to teach you how to serve bufo Safely. Bufo is a serious medicine and when used in correctly or foolishly can cause long term mental, physical and spiritual harm.

This is a training and not a ceremony, so we spend very little time holding space. These trainings are meant to be interactive and educational. If you are looking for a more quiet learning environment then this is NOT the training for you. 

 You will learn the history of bufo, when it was first recorded in books, the history of usage, medications to not mix with, what disqualifies a person from using bufo, red flags when serving and the different methods and ways bufo is smoked. You will learn how to safely assess each experience, methods of integration (the definition of integration) and how to take a person from a low dose to the highest (safest) dose. i.e. the white light experience. 

This training is maxed out at 4 so our time smoking bufo and training is maximized and no one is just sitting there wasting time. There is alot of talking, examination, and a hands on approach to bufo.

You will receive a training/study guide book to take notes in as well as read before the start of each training day. 

You will learn how to develop a proper dosing structure and the importance of knowing what your dosage is and how to scale a person up or down.

We focus on Preparation, session and integration each day. 

We also examine mental mind sets and which types of personalities can be fit a bufo experience. 

 The first two days are self serve days as to get you familiar with handling and feeling bufo in your hands. The last day is you serving and being served by others. 

 Over the course of this training, you will be introduced to Bufo first hand and build a personal relationship with the medicine. You will learn about practical safety guidelines, energetic clearing of self and space, traditional use in the jungle, guidelines for self-administration and serving others. Participants will serve themselves a total of four times, in different ways, meanwhile cover all aspects of training through a free format dialog.

After completion of the training, you will have access to the support of our growing and thriving online community of healers and practitioners. This will be a great place to share and learn as you deepen your relationship with the medicine – on your own and within your community.This course provides the opportunity to cultivate a strong foundation with Bufo and we suggest that you primarily serve yourself Bufo regularly for several months, so that you can fully embody the energy of the medicine before you begin to serve others.

 We can and will recommend a hotel or airbnb close to our house to use during the duration of this training. (Our training facility is located 1.5 miles from the ocean and downtown oceanside)

These trainings sell out 3 months in advance on average

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