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Unraveling the mysteries of the sacred Amazonian tree frog.

Kambo treatments involve a deep physical and energetic cleansing of the body that can be used to address a number of conditions.


Kambo is an ancient and sacred medicine derived from the Giant monkey frog in the Amazon basin. Both the frog and its secretion are known as Kambo, sapo, Acaté, Dow Kien, Kampù. Giant monkey frogs sing a very distinctive song which makes it easy to find them at night. Once the tree frog has been acquired it is delicately stressed to induce the secretion: a waxy substance scraped onto wooden paddles from the back and legs of the frog. The frogs are unharmed in the process. The wooden pallets are dried and wrapped in a corn skin.

To reconstitute, the dried secretion is traditionally combined with the saliva of the person serving the medicine, so that their energy transfers to the person receiving. Water can also be used, however many of the energetic and spiritual characteristics will be missed.  It is then divided into dots to be applied to small points (about ⅛” in diameter) that are burned through the top layer of the skin with a smoldering piece of titica, or tamishi vine. The number of burn points varies according to body size, experience, reasons for application, and sometimes the practitioner’s tradition. While 5 points are more common for a beginner, more or less may be required. Once the application points have been created the medicine is applied. Aided by kambo’s vasodilating peptides and pro-inflammatory agents, the kambo is absorbed into the system, within seconds.

Prior to the application, large quantities of liquid is consumed. Traditionally the tribes use cassava or massato (a fermented yucca or banana gruel). Occasionally they will use diluted papaya or other juice, and as an absolute backup, about 500ml of water. The immediate effects of kambo are intense but short lived, usually lasting no more than 30 to 40 minutes. They may include a rise in temperature, sweating, shivers, and dizziness as the heart rate increases. Blood pressure may also rise or fall dramatically.  Many people report a tingling or burning sensation similar to electricity that starts at the points of application and spreads throughout the body. Some may even feel a heightened awareness or a drunken high feeling.

Nausea is to be expected during kambo as physical purging (either by vomiting, sweating, or defecating or both), emotional purging, or mental purging take place. Other effects may include pressure in the head and neck, stomach pain, inflammation of the throat, dry mouth, blurred vision, difficulty moving, numbness, and swollen lips and tongue.

Kambo treatments involve a deep physical and energetic cleansing of the body that can be used to address a number of conditions ranging from depression, CFS, autoimmune, migraines, laziness, chronic pain, removal of infections and/or toxins, and other issues.


At Kambo Healing Me, all of our kambo medicine is sourced locally from indigineous tribes in Peru and the Amazonian basin, helping to support their way of life.


At Kambo Healing Me, our top priority is always safety. We are trained in common contraindications and also advise that proper safety precautions be observed. Bryce Draper and the Kambo Practitioners of Kambo Healing Me are trained in safe and effective treatments of Kambo. 


We recommend that you not receive Kambo if any of the following apply to you:

  • Pregnant women

  • Recent stroke, aneurysm, brain hemorrhage, blood clots

  • Recent, serious heart conditions, including surgeries or an enlarged heart

  • Recent surgery or serious wounds, externally or internally not fully healed

  • History of rupture or injury of the esophagus

  • Chemotherapy or radiation treatments 4 weeks prior or 6 months following

  • Recent use of diuretics or immunosuppressant medications

  • Cognitive disorders preventing the understanding of Kambo


Kambo can be helpful for people with the following issues. You are required to alert your Kambo practitioner if any of the following apply to you, as it will enable us to adjust the protocol and ensure that your experience is as safe and beneficial as possible: 

  • Severe eating disorders

  • Currently menstruating

  • Alcohol or drug abuse

  • Regular use of certain herbal or nootropic (smart drug) supplements

  • Asthma 

  • History of serious mental health conditions

  • Extremely low blood pressure that is controlled by medication

Precautions & Contraindications


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