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Ultimately you are looking to:

  • Surrender, be willing to be open to how the process unfolds

  • Understand that whatever we expect will be completely different

  • Be open to entering a state of complete vulnerability

  • Be willing to look at uncomfortable aspects of your life (this helps them pass and heal)

  • Open your heart and your mind

  • Understand that trust in the medicine and in us increases the healing process on every level

There is honor in what this experience reveals to us, this is a heroic journey and you will be an improved person for it. Embrace each moment, because the journey with Kambo is the opportunity of a lifetime! We are here to support every part of the process and to help guide you into your own truth.

Committing to ceremony is an opportunity to address everything that has caused us suffering. While the past cannot be changed, the choice to make peace with it remains in our control, the power is not outside of us!

This may come as a shift in perception. A realization that everything that has ever happened to us is exactly what our soul needed to experience and endure in order to bring us to here and now. A deeper, greater purpose lies behind even the most challenging obstacles of our past.

 Through these medicines, we are reminded that our greatest blessing is life itself, because without life, we have nothing. The medicines begin to ignite the gift of being alive; something we may have forgotten, or even viewed as a challenge, at times on our path.

When considering these medicines as a teacher, we must take the first step and ask ourselves, ‘Am I ready?’

This means that we are willing to look deep inside our body and soul, to commit to taking back ownership of our minds and our lives, that we are ready to seek truth and break free from what is holding us back.

Committing to this spiritual journey and setting our intentions is the beginning. But as our journey approaches, the mind, sensing imminent demise of its destructive ways, will play tricks and cause us to doubt.

When these doubtful thoughts come, simply acknowledge them and let them pass. Be aware of the thoughts without reading into them, or attaching to them. It is okay that they exist. Thoughts will always exist, negative and positive. It is up to us to decide how much power to give them.

Deep healing is not comfortable and it is not easy, but it works. Healing at the root happens when we surrender. It happens when we confront our fears. By confronting our shadows, we break through to our greatest possible light.


Careful preparation is key to maximizing your experience. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • Make sure you do not eat for a minimum of 6 hrs before arriving to your session. If you are hungry, you may drink a smoothie.

  • It is helpful to avoid meat the day of, and if possible, the day before.

  • Refrain from drinking alcohol and using drugs 24-48 hrs before and after the session.

  • Please email us any questions about dealing with addiction protocols.

  • Plan your day so you come to your session without time restraints. Allow yourself time before and after to center.


Certain items can be supplied to you if you require it. Please bring along any medications you are taking.

  • Wear loose or comfortable clothing. Layers can be helpful, as your body temperature may rise and lower.

  • A sarong in case you have to remove any bits of clothing to receive treatments on your back.

  • Yoga mat and towel.

  • Small cushion to sit on if needed.

  • Small blanket and pillow can be nice to relax in after the process.

  • Box of tissues or roll of toilet paper.

  • Hairband if you have long hair.

  • 1 liter of water (not distilled)

  • Reusable drinking glass or cup.

  • Fruit or healthy snacks to share with the group afterwards.

  • Journal and pen.

  • Any medications you are currently taking.

  • If you suffer from Asthma, bring your inhaler

  • Diabetics need to have insulin, testing equipment and extra food

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