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- Our main shipping provider is USPS, if you prefer a different shipping provider or are located in an area that is not serviced by USPS, you must notify us before we ship out your product. We are not responsible for lost packages due this error. Our shipping prices vary, but do NOT exceed USPS prices. 

- Shipping is free for any order over 150.00 

- We ship Hape products, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We do NOT ship products on weekends.

-If you purchase Sanaga on Thursday, we will NOT ship Sanaga until Monday of the following week unless you pay for overnight. Sanaga must be frozen or cold for as long as possible. We keep it frozen stored here and wrap it in plastic before shipment. Sanaga shipping rates are set up USPS

- Kambo Sticks are wrapped in paper or plastic and sent wrapped. They are NOT touched by any other hands besides the tribes. They come either one sided or two sided. 

For larger orders or wholesale orders, we will call or email you to confirm order placement and send in custom box and send to USPS.

You will receive USPS tracking once package has been scanned at USPS. We do not drop off the package, we physically stand in line and ensure the package is scanned and taken by USPS agent. This ensures your package is well taken care and damage free.


Due the nature of our products, we DO not offer traditional refunds. 

If you Hape bottle is cracked or damaged, we can send you a replacement bottle. If the content of your product are damaged and leaking, you can call us and we can send our replacements. It is easier for us to send you replacement Hapé or etc.

If this is your first time using Hapé, we highly recommend trying smaller samplers to avoid holding onto hapé you do not want. Due the the energy the tribes put into the creation of the Hapé and other products, once your product is bottled or wrapped we do not take refunds or exchanges. Please buy with care. 

If you need assistance please call us at (888) 204-3809

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