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USA & International Trainings & Ceremonies

Our intention is to offer you the opportunity to completely reset your body, mind, and spirit. More than ever, we need to care for our health so that we can be fully present for ourselves, our families, friends, and community. With that in mind, we will be offering various medicines in a specific order.

We are creating this framework so that you can pick and choose which medicine you’d like to connect with. Kambo is a powerful tool to completely reset the body and works in synergy with Bufo and Iboga for deeper integration and clearing the entire system of toxic behavior and thought patterns.

We are very protective of these medicines and our community, so participants receiving one or several of these medicines will be carefully selected on a case-by-case basis.

We will need all participants to sign a medical waiver as well as a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Because of Covid-19 we will require participants to not attend if experiencing any symptoms.





Please make sure to carefully read this ENTIRE page and follow all the links. There will be a number of medicines offered and the goal is not to necessarily come and do them all.

We’ve structured this gathering so that people can attend the full retreat or just a part of it. It is not required you do all medicines available. However, this retreat and associated medicines has proven to be incredibly impactful for those attending the entire event.

Based on your individual needs, we will structure your time accordingly in a safe and effective way.

Because of the depth of the work we will be doing, we will have plenty of time and resources for you afterwards, so that you have the support to fully integrate the work you will do. We have a big team of facilitators at your disposal.





This training is designed for those who wish to learn how to self-administer and those who are ready to take the first step to become an advanced or master Kambo practitioner.

Over the course of this training, you will be introduced to Kambo firsthand and build a personal relationship with the medicine. You will learn about practical safety guidelines, energetic clearing of self and space, traditional use in the jungle, guidelines for self-administration and serving others. Participants will serve themselves a total of four times, in different ways, meanwhile cover all aspects of training through a free format dialog.


You will learn about using Rapé, Sananga eyedrops, Agua Florida, Camalonga, and chakapa and how to use them within your Kambo ceremony.

After completion of the training, you will have access to the support of our growing and thriving online community of healers and practitioners. This will be a great place to share and learn as you deepen your relationship with the medicine – on your own and within your community.

This course provides the opportunity to cultivate a strong foundation with Kambo and we suggest that you primarily serve yourself Kambo regularly for several months, so that you can fully embody the energy of the medicine before you begin to serve others.




Whether completing the Kambo training or the Kambo/Bufo ceremony, participants will be required to attend all Kambo sessions prior to receiving Bufo.

Bufo is a powerful and potent psychedelic that comes from the Colorado River (or Sonoran Desert) Toad.  Bufo alvarius medicine made its way mainstream(ish) out of secrecy in 2011. Using Bufo helps you put ego aside to enable connecting with a divine source.The substance derived from that venom (and also found in some psychoactive plants) is 5-MeO-DMT, an extremely potent psychedelic that is four to six times stronger than its better-known relative DMT (or dimethyltryptamine). Some say smoking the substance is a life-altering experience, causing intense and relatively short-lived effects—start to finish, about 30 minutes—that are powerfully transformative (in a good way). In a recent study published by the National Institutes of Health, after just a single-use, this psychedelic lifted anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)—and provided an overall sustained enhancement of satisfaction with life. Interestingly enough, though some 5-MeO-DMT plants have a history of traditional use (like ayahuasca), there is no evidence or lineage of any indigenous Bufo alvarius practices


What is Iboga?

The root bark of the Iboga shrub has been traditionally used in rite-of-passage ceremonies by Bwiti shamans in Central Africa. Its masculine and fatherly energy is grounding and direct. Within the Bwiti tradition, it is believed that Iboga enables access to the infinite nature of the soul inside of us, and that soul’s infinite knowledge that extends all the way to the beginning of time. Iboga is direct in its communication and feels like accessing your own inner father or grandfather – that protective part of you that loves you deeply and only has your best interest in mind, yet is not afraid to tell you the truth bluntly.


What is the ceremony like?

What is the ceremony like?

The ceremony will go from the evening until sunrise, indoors on comfortable bedding. The Iboga ceremony will start around a fire (some candles in this situation) this is an important part of honoring sacred Bwiti tradition. The fire was the first portal the Bwiti discovered into the spirit world. A great protector, the fire illuminates the ceremony space, its smoke serving as a runway for the spirits to enter and assist. The fire burns away what no longer serves us. By the fire, our facilitators will also discuss the effects of the medicine and share their own healing experiences. Bwiti music is an integral part of ceremony. As providers, we refer to the music as the ‘driver,’ of the journey. If at any point we are wrestling with our mind, we can stop and focus all of our attention on the music. It helps us move away from the surface chatter of the ego, to dive deeper into the medicine and our own truth. After the ceremony, you will still be under the effects of the medicine and can expect to stay awake for the remainder of the day. This day of integration is as important as the ceremony itself. This is your time for introspection, reviewing the messages and teachings received from Iboga, enjoying the day, relaxing, journaling, doing gentle yoga, meditating, breathing.

During ceremony, you may experience the following:

  • Heightened senses

  • Euphoria

  • Auditory hallucinations (such as thinking someone next to you is talking)

  • Visual hallucination (with eyes open or closed)

  • Intuitive messages

  • The body may begin to feel warm or cool

  • Motor skills become impaired (we will guide you to the restroom and to your mattress at all times)

  • Tracers and flashing lights in our vision

  • Heart rate may increase, but will ultimately slow down

  • Rapid overlapping thoughts “called a mind purge” (resulting in calming the mind

  • Purging (vomit, crying, shaking, sweating, laughing, frequent urination etc)

All of these are normal on and off throughout the journey.



Ultimately you are looking to:
– Surrender, be willing to be open to how the process unfolds
– Understand that whatever we expect will be completely different
– Be open to entering a state of complete vulnerability
– Be willing to look at uncomfortable aspects of your life (this helps them pass and heal)
– Open your heart and your mind
– Understand that trust in the medicine and in us increases the healing process on every level

There is honor in what this experience reveals to us, this is a heroic journey and you will be an improved person for it. Embrace each moment, because the journey with Iboga is the opportunity of a lifetime! We are here to support every part of the process and to help guide you into your own truth.

Committing to ceremony is an opportunity to address everything that has caused us suffering. While the past cannot be changed, the choice to make peace with it remains in our control, the power is not outside of us!

This may come as a shift in perception. A realization that everything that has ever happened to us is exactly what our soul needed to experience and endure in order to bring us to here and now. A deeper, greater purpose lies behind even the most challenging obstacles of our past.

Through these medicines, we are reminded that our greatest blessing is life itself, because without life, we have nothing. The medicines begin to ignite the gift of being alive; something we may have forgotten, or even viewed as a challenge, at times on our path.

When considering these medicines as a teacher, we must take the first step and ask ourselves, ‘Am I ready?’

This means that we are willing to look deep inside our body and soul, to commit to taking back ownership of our minds and our lives, that we are ready to seek truth and break free from what is holding us back.

Committing to this spiritual journey and setting our intentions is the beginning. But as our journey approaches, the mind, sensing imminent demise of its destructive ways, will play tricks and cause us to doubt.

When these doubtful thoughts come, simply acknowledge them and let them pass. Be aware of the thoughts without reading into them, or attaching to them. It is okay that they exist. Thoughts will always exist, negative and positive. It is up to us to decide how much power to give them.

Deep healing is not comfortable and it is not easy, but it works. Healing at the root happens when we surrender. It happens when we confront our fears. By confronting our shadows, we break through to our greatest possible light.

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Kambo Retreat

Southern California

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