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At Kambo Healing Me, we serve Kambo in the tradition of the Matsés tribe. After we do introductions and set intentions, rapé will be served for those interested. After a short meditation, you will drink 1-2 cups of cassava. This is a slightly fermented yucca beverage that will help absorb your body’s toxins. Cassava is safer and easier than drinking 1.5 liters of water, like the majority of Kambo practitioners teach.

Kambo can be applied anywhere on the body, but is more effective near the Lymph nodes. The Matsés men usually apply it to the chest and thighs, and women on the shoulders and ankles. Other tribes serve the men on the shoulders and chest and women on the ankles. The Chinese medicine system (placing on the meridians) has been proven ineffective. Its better to do Kambo correctly and then get acupuncture later, vs, combining the two techniques.

A small stick is used to burn the first layer of skin with a number of points, dependent upon the person’s age, health, and energy. Usually for a first treatment, one should expect to receive 3-5 points. However, some require less and some much more. Generally these marks fade within two weeks and disappear completely within 6 months, depending on how healthy the body is at the time of placement. We find later sessions healing quicker than previous ones because the body is running more optimally.



Usually the effects of Kambo are felt within 10-15 seconds – with a slight temperature rise and energetic rush in the crown. At this time your practitioner will bring focus to your breath and suggest you breathe deeply and slowly. Try to observe what sensations you are experiencing. With the awareness of the heartbeat rising it will be time to relax, focus on the breath and surrender to the process. Allow yourself to find your breath, meditate and quiet the mind. If you would like to drink some water, you’re welcome to. Your heart rate will begin to rise for a couple of minutes and you will have a lot of sensation and possibly some swelling (as the medicine is flushing the system out) in the throat and face. You will feel a slight discomfort in your stomach while bile is ejected into your stomach, from the liver and gallbladder. Decades of toxins are loosened and collected, and soon the purging will begin helping to ease the discomfort.

The uncomfortable part of the experience is NOT the Kambo, it is the toxins your body is releasing. You manifest this discomfort every day, but don’t realize it, because this negative energy is dispersed throughout the body. Kambo gives us the gift of opening the body, mind, and spirit. It cleanses desensitization. Many emotions may be released during your session.



The energetic pressure and temperature will soon reduce while the process is nearing resolution. The entire process will usually take approximately 30-45 minutes varying between individuala. About 5-15 minutes of that can be intense while deep purging is happening. Energy pulses throughout the body and the hands with a sense of electricity circulating in each and every cell. The cleaner and stronger the body, the easier the process will be, and it happens quickly; usually in a few sessions.

Some cases require a longer session and the recovery can be longer. These are rare cases. Even people with serious illnesses or drug addictions tend to recover quickly. The majority of people are fine to drive home within 1-2 hours, they generally can go on about their day, as normal, but they may feel the Kambo working in the digestive tract. In the jungle, hunters take this medicine, then go on very long hunts. The following day, you should feel great, and have more and more energy each day. A great example of this energizing effect is a Kambo Healing Me client who was extremely overweight, but after only three sessions has lost 70 lbs of weight and is now able to jog 1-2 miles a day. Even people with severe health issues shouldn’t be weary. Rarely, people experience headaches the following day. Be sure to drink lots of electrolytes and stay hydrated.


Careful preparation is key to maximizing your experience. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • Make sure you do not eat for a minimum of 6 hrs before arriving to your session. If you are hungry, you may drink a smoothie.

  • It is helpful to avoid meat the day of, and if possible, the day before.

  • Refrain from drinking alcohol and using drugs 24-48 hrs before and after the session.

  • Please email us any questions about dealing with addiction protocols.

  • Plan your day so you come to your session without time restraints. Allow yourself time before and after to center.


Certain items can be supplied to you if you require it. Please bring along any medications you are taking.

  • Wear loose or comfortable clothing. Layers can be helpful, as your body temperature may rise and lower.

  • A sarong in case you have to remove any bits of clothing to receive treatments on your back.

  • Yoga mat and towel.

  • Small cushion to sit on if needed.

  • Small blanket and pillow can be nice to relax in after the process.

  • Box of tissues or roll of toilet paper.

  • Hairband if you have long hair.

  • 1 liter of water (not distilled)

  • Reusable drinking glass or cup.

  • Fruit or healthy snacks to share with the group afterwards.

  • Journal and pen.

  • Any medications you are currently taking.

  • If you suffer from Asthma, bring your inhaler

  • Diabetics need to have insulin, testing equipment and extra food

Precautions and Contraindications

As with all “bio-active” treatments, plant- and animal-derived medicines such as Kambo and Sananga come with contraindications as well as the risk of side effects. At Kambo Healing Me, our practitioners are rigorously trained to handle anything that may arise during your session, however it is imperative to read our precautions and contraindications thoroughly. Always alert your server to any pre-existing conditions you have as well as pharmaceuticals you are taking, so that they can prepare properly. When on one of our Kambo Healing Me retreats or trainings, which take place in the Amazon – we always have trained first-aid staff on hand to address medical issues – and have implemented emergency protocols with area hospitals.

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