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Hape’ is either administered by another person, usually a Shaman, Medicine Carrier, or Apprentice, or by the individual themselves. When applied by another, a Tepi (A long curved pipe) is used to forcefully blow the powder into each of the other persons nostrils. When self administered it is done with the Kuripe, a small V shaped pipe, which allows the individual to blow the snuff directly into their own nose. It is safe to say, that the effect will most likely have a less powerful force when self administering. This is due to the lack of another’s energy, as well as the size of pipe and airflow.

Hapé (Portuguese) or Rapé (Spanish) is a general term used by indigenous tribes to refer to a shamanic “snuff,” which is a spiritual healing tool comprised of a myriad of various sacred plants, tree ashes, and in most cases a rare, nutritional, and wild form of tobacco, quite different from it’s western counterpart. The combination is usually prepared by ritual which can involve singing during preparation, as well as intentions and prayers being channeled into the mix. Some blends must be prepared within a certain time frame, or under a full moon, and some can only be made by the tribes shaman.

Nowadays there are many people making copies of the recipes. These are not done by tribal shamans, and generally use the same ingredients, yet are lacking the traditions and prayers used by the shamans who have made them from the beginning of time. Often times, people making new hapé are blending a wide variety of plants to give the hapé some fluff and selling points. It is important to know where the hapé is coming from, who made it and how many hands have touched it energetically in the process.

The tobacco which is used is Nicotiana Rustica which rewrites the neural pathways, and in combination with other sacred plants it can have tremendous healing benefits across a wide range of conditions, both spiritual and physical. Although most contain this gift of nature Nicotiana Rustica called Moi in Acre (The Local Language), some in fact do not contain it at all, such as Apudina or other floral blends.



Apart from knowing what Hape’ is, it’s important to know how to use it correctly. Hape’ is a very powerful medicine in it’s own right, and although it is used in ceremonies with other sacraments, it should be understood by the one administering it (including self administration). Generally speaking it is best to start off with a small amount to get to know the energy of the medicine. About a pea sized mound divided into two nostrils is a good first dose. However, in some traditions much more is used to overwhelm the senses to promote surrender to the energies being worked with. Some tribes literally blow about 1/4 size of a ping pong ball into each nostril, 4 times each, before the receiver can blow their nose out. This process is very intense and usually involves purging, passing out, and sometimes visions. Listen to yourself, and listen to the medicine to find the right dosage


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