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Over the course of this training, you will be introduced to Bufo first hand and build a personal relationship with the medicine. You will learn about practical safety guidelines, energetic clearing of self and space, traditional use in the jungle, guidelines for self-administration and serving others. Participants will serve themselves a total of four times, in different ways, meanwhile cover all aspects of training through a free format dialog.

After completion of the training, you will have access to the support of our growing and thriving online community of healers and practitioners. This will be a great place to share and learn as you deepen your relationship with the medicine – on your own and within your community.

This course provides the opportunity to cultivate a strong foundation with Kambo and we suggest that you primarily serve yourself Bufo regularly for several months, so that you can fully embody the energy of the medicine before you begin to serve others.


We can and will recommend a hotel or airbnb close to our house to use during the duration of this training. (Our training facility is located 1.5 miles from the ocean and downtown oceanside)


Small Group/Individual bufo Ceremony/Training

  • Bufo

    Availability 2024

    Bufo ceremony/Training take place the last week of each month and are as follows:

    May 6th to 9th SOLD OUT

    May 27th - 30th  SOLD OUT

    June 24th - 26th 2 open spots left

    July 29th - 31st  1 open spot

    August 26th - 29th 4 Open Spots

    September 23rd - to 26th 4 Open Spots

    October 28th - 31st 

    Nov -Dec- TBD

    Small Group/Individual Ceremonies are maxed out at 4 people on any given day/night. It is encouraged for you to sign up at least 2 months in advance due to limited space. Call or email with any questions. 

  • Refund/Transfer Policy

    Any refund issued must be requested within 2 weeks of schedule event. Due to high demand and limited space any cancellation or schedule request inside of 14 days will not be honored and your payment will be forfeit.

    Ceremonies must be paid in full to attend

    Ceremonies can be rescheduled or “gifted to someone in need” if you are not able to attend your proposed dates. Should this be the case for you, please put your request in writing and our

    Administrators will make sure that your account will be transferred appropriately.



By purchasing from us, your money helps support our mission as well as the tribes

and the work we do with them and the Amazon jungle.

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