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David Mcroberts


** Founder **

David Mcroberts was a long time friend and medicine practitoner with Bryce Draper. Together they co-facilitated Kambo under the tuteledge of the Matsés and Yawanawa tribes rooted in the synthesis of Peruvian and Brazilian traditions. David is a member of a century old Brazilian Ayahuasca religion called, "Santo Daime". His work with the "Daime", is the foundation of his medicine practice which implements the core values of "Harmony, Love, Truth, and Justice", firm in the integrity and safety of the container for the medicine to do its work. In lieu of his training, David also offers the master plant medicines, Rápe, Sanunga, and Mapacho in his Kambo services and training retreats. Ultimately his goal is to continue carrying Bryce's legacy of spreading healing and awakening through these sacred plant medicines to all who seek and wish to join in the spread of love and light throughout humanity.

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