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Ayahuasca and Plant Dietas in Peru

A few years ago, I took a group of individuals to the Matses territory and was severely attacked by black magic and our trip was hijacked by the “shaman” I hired from Colorado to assist me. After she took the group to do her own training, I went for help at the Ayahuasca center I was building in a small village called Santa Maria.

 People were lying about me and what happened in the Matses village. They spread horrible roomers and posted numerous fake reviews about me, most of them under fake aliases with outrageous claims. I stayed quiet and did my work to clear the bad energy with the shaman.

 I had no idea about the dark side of the medicines until then. Although I was drinking Ayahuasca and dieting specific plants to heal, I was getting sick and loosing weight. I was 20 lbs underweight with swollen lymph nodes. I was dying and didn’t realize it. In an Ayahuasca ceremony, the Shaman fell asleep and our connection broke for a moment. I saw all the other plant energies he was putting into my diets and darkness in his Icaros. I saw all the black magic and the truth behind his lies and the female Shaman from Colorado.

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I went to Iquitos leaving my land and about $40,000.00 of personal money I had spend to fund the operation. I went seeking help from any shaman who could clean my energy and save my life. After asking dear friends, multiple people directed me to Shipibo curandero Don Enrique Lopez. This incredible human saved my soul and life. Little did I know he is one of the most well known and reputable shamans in all of Peru. On his property, and his wife’s nearby, the Noya Rao trees grow. Another is on his brothers property and a final one near his families in Pucalpa.



 Noya Rao is a legendary bioluminescent tree that cannot be planted. Most paintings of this tree have feathers painted into the leaves by the artists. It is known as the flying tree of life.



 Through countless vapor baths with specific plants, numerous Ayahuasca ceremonies and dieting on Noya Rao over the month I was there, Enrique saved my life and became one of my greatest teachers.

Noya Rao tree.jpg

Unlike most shamans in the world, Enrique is not concerned about money or gossip. He does phenomenal work with the highest integrity. He is a master at cleaning energy, through his plants and powerful Icaros.


His wife Wilma owns a center about a 20 minute walk from Don Enriques. She is a master of Ayahuasca and Icaros. The two of them come from the most powerful lineages of Shapibo people.

Maestro Don Enrique making a chakapa.jpg

I invite you to join our group after your time with the Matses tribe. You will have an opportunity to diet on a number of plants depending on your length of stay. Ayahuasca will be served every other day and all meals will be provided as well as lodging in one of the bungalows. Lodging may be private or shared, depending on availability. Ayahuasca will also happen on off days, privately for those in need.


You can stay for as few as 3 days, but we recommend 8 days minimum for those wanting to participate in a master plant dieta. Some of you may want to stay several weeks or even longer.

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 September 24th coming out of the jungle after the Matses

(after one night and day in Iquitos)

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We will need to know ahead of time if you are attending this part of the journey, so that we can assure space in the Inkanan Kena center.


You can only attend this part of the trip AFTER going to the Matses territory, because Kambo may interfere with your plant diets if done within a short time after.


Participants may also only attend this part of the trip and not go to the Matses territory if they choose, however, priority will be given for those attending the Matses first.

Inkan Kena main Maloca.jpg

Shipibo curandero
Don Enrique Lopez and  Maestra Wilma

$100 per day (all inclusive, in cash, direct to Inkan Kena center)

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