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Luis (“Lucho”) Dunu Jiménez Dësi


** Matses Medicine Man ~ Hunter **

Lucho started learning to hunt and to collect medicinal plants at an exceptionally young age (about 12, when his mother died). Today he is among the 3 most respected Matses medicine men and an  outstanding hunter. Despite being in his 60s, Lucho is always active and is in better physical condition than most young people in Western society. He credits health his hunting prowess to his regular use of kambo.   His father being the foremost Matses historian, Lucho has  extensive knowledge of Matses history and culture. Lucho moved his family to Primavera about 1 year ago, to live close to family members who are now living in Iquitos. He has set up a pleasant homestead and farm there with his wife Marina and many children (the youngest 5 years old!), and welcomes visitors who wish to learn Matses traditions from him and his family.

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