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Our Psilocybin Ceremonies take place late afternoon or sunset leading into night (depends on time of year it may still be sunny outside). We will open our ceremony blessing the space then drink our ayahuasca brew. usually the affects are felt 20 to 30 minutes later.

Our space has an outdoor fire pit for sitting, talking, singing, music and fellowship.

Our indoor space has beds with all necessary supplies for you to rest, read, write, paint and talk. The space can be made to fit your individual or group needs. 

Ceremonies last on average 5 or more hours.  Depending on your level of tolerance and integration practices. 

Private and group ceremonies take place in Oceanside, california and are limited to 4 individual max. 

Food, water. blankets and all other comforts are included.

You will be sent a consent and a health applicaton form via email that must be sent back within 48hrs. 

We will also call you to answer any questions and to break down the schedule. 

Small Group/Individual Psilocybin Ceremonies

  • Availability

    Ceremonies take place the last week of each month and are as follows:


    May 27th - 30th 

    June 24th - 27th 

    July 29th - 31st 

    August 26th - 29th 

    September 23rd - to 26th

    October 28th - 31st 

    Nov -Dec- TBD

    Small Group/Individual Ceremonies are maxed out at 4 people on any given day/night. It is encouraged for you to sign up at least 2 months in advance due to limited space. Call or email with any questions. 

  • Disclaimer

    The registration fee is non-refundable to attend this training. Training must be paid in full to attend. Bufo Training requires a minimum of 2 attendees. If a quantity less than 2 is purchased for Bufo Training, your order will be automatically refunded.  Trainings are non-refundable as we are a non-profit organization and you receive donation status with any purchase for therapies received or educational training. Retreats can be rescheduled or “gifted to someone in need” if you are not able to attend your proposed dates. Should this be the case for you, please put your request in writing and our Administrators will make sure that your account will be transferred appropriately.



By purchasing from us, your money helps support our mission as well as the tribes

and the work we do with them and the Amazon jungle.

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