Energetically, Cumaru is great to use during ceremony to break through energetic blockages. This blend is like the “Ganesh” and “Lakshmi” combo of the Hape’ blends. Energetically it helps to create space for abundance by bringing light to areas where we hold on to patterns of negativity, and thus guides us toward creating new possibilities in our behavior. It is great for the third eye chakra, and crown as well. It also gives spiritual firmness, and grounding.


Physically, this blend is intense and has a pleasing “roasted” almost sweet aftertaste. It is somewhat darker than other blends. This blend like many, contain Nicotiana Rustica also known as Moi in Acre. Cumaru hape is mixed with the ash from the bark of the Amazonian tree Dypterix odorata also called Cumaru in Acre. Cumaru is a very big tree and firm tree, with little flowers that attract bees. It is traditionally used as an anti inflammatory, decongestant, upper respiratory issues, and anti-allergy.


Historically, This blend is made by the Yawannawa tribe for grounding and healing the mind and allowing air energy to flow freely without losing connection to rooted energy.