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Copal is a natural tree resin used as incense across many cultures. This Peruvian Black Copal Resin Incense is sacred to the indigenous tribes of Central and South America. 


Traditionally used for spritual cleansing, this resin incense is also used for clearing negative energies as well as purification and protection. Copal is meant to bring us closer to the spirit realm and invite creativity, abundance, and positive loving energy.


Copal can be burned on swift lite charcoal tablets, or used in oil warmers, or even burned in a pan. Copal can be used for smudging, meditation, ceremonies and more. Breathing this incense may reportedly help to reduce inflammation.


Ingredients: Tree Resin

Natural Black Copal Resin Incense



    By purchasing from us, your money helps support our mission as well as the tribes

    and the work we do with them and the Amazon jungle.

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