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Remo Caspi bark has a long history of use among the Indians and local people in the Amazon.* In Brazilian herbal medicine systems, remo caspi is considered a carminative (expels intestinal gas) and a digestive aid.* It is also used for bronchitis, inflammation, fevers, diabetes, cancer, and malaria


Traditional Uses:* for malaria; as a cough suppressant for bronchitis and other respiratory conditions; for digestive difficulties, bloating and gas; as an aphrodisiac; for high blood pressure


Suggested Use:* This plant is best prepared as a decoction. Use one teaspoon of powder for each cup of water. Bring to a boil and gently boil in a covered pot for 20 minutes. Allow to cool and settle for 10 minutes and strain warm liquid into a cup (leaving the settled powder in the bottom of the pan). It is traditionally taken in 1 cup dosages 2-3 times daily. This decoction is also traditionally applied to the skin

Ingredients: The main active constituents of remo caspi are a group of indole alkaloids that are called aspidosperma alkaloids.

Remo Caspi Powder

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