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This is specifically for Half kilos and more. Prices are set by the tribes and NON-Negotiable. 

Shipping is included in the final price of each product. 


If your order is coming from Peru or Brazil, it can take a few weeks to get to your desired location. We will do our best to track your product and give you necessary and relevant updates. 


Shipping times can vary from 3 to 5 weeks depeding on several factors including tribal quantity. 


For orders of 5 kilos or more, then we will personally go to Peru and ensure all aspects  are taken care of. We will even bring back a kilo or 2 to expedite your order. 

Wholesale Orders. Half Kilos - Kilos

  • Refund Policy

    Due to the nature of the product. There are NO refunds for this product. 

    There are NO exchanges. Upon payment confirmation you recgonize that you are paying for a product that is coming from another country and there are NO refunds or exchanges for this product. 


  • Shipping Policy

    Shipping times vary from country to country. We will do our best to get your product shipped to your desired location as quickly and safely as possible, but we are not responsible for delayed shipping times or lags with customs. 



By purchasing from us, your money helps support our mission as well as the tribes

and the work we do with them and the Amazon jungle.

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