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Salomé Unan Dëis Huanin


** Master Craftswoman ~ Midwife ~ Hunter **

Salomé who is from the Kulina-Pano tribe, was captured by Matses warriors when she was a young woman.  The Matses often comment that she has mastered the fabrication of traditional Matses handicrafts to the point of surpassing the Matses themselves.  Salomé knows all the wild forest plant that the Matses use, including some that most Matses no longer know.  Salomé is one of the best Matses midwives, and knows how to find and collect medicinal plants for easing childbirth a other “women’s plants” (which the male medicine men don’t know).   Matses women generally assist their husband on hunts, but Salomé is renowned as one of the best female hunters, since on many occasions she has hunted successfully on her own.  Salomé recently moved to Primavera with her daughter Natalia Dame and her son-in-law Juan.

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